Grand Moments with My Grandparents – My Childhood Memories – Avakai Media

My grandparents were living just a few miles away from the city where I work and every other weekend, I visit them. The bond I shared with them is very special. In fact, I spent most of my childhood days with the old people.

Talking about my childhood, I must say I am very blessed to have them. Let me tell you one fact. Not everything is available on Google. You should spend time with your elders to learn such things. And, I did.

In our childhood, we had no television in our home. Actually, no home in our village had one. School, playing with friends till the dawn, finishing homeworks, having dinner together with family members, and listening to stories from grandparents. I would sit on the lap of my grandmother and she would tell me some fairy tales. By the side, my grandfather would sit on his deckchair. My sister would sit on his sins and he would seesaw his legs. She used to ask so many questions to grandpa. Some questions were simple, some were tough, and some silly. Our parents even named her Question Bank. However, our grandfather was never reluctant to answer her questions. Thus, he encouraged her to learn new things and today, she is a civil servant.

But these days, grandparents are just mere relatives for kids. Days changed a lot, but as they are not supposed to.


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