Childhood is a beautiful gift that everyone gets. Back in 1980s and 90s, we spent our childhood playing with our friends in dust, listening to the stories from our grandparents, breathing fresh air, and rejoicing the greenery in our villages. Things change faster. We cannot bring those good olden days back. But if there is something that stays with us till the end – it’s our memories. To make you recollect the memories that are sleeping somewhere down your heart and feel some nostalgia for the joyous childhood, we are presenting the series, MEMORIES. Hope you love it!



New clothes, new things, and new life – my memories and magical moments with festivals

Festivals bring abundance to our village. We celebrate each festival with unity and great joy. My father would buy new clothes for everyone in our home. I would be so eager to wear them. But I had to wait for the festival day. When the day arrives, our mom would wake up in the wee …

Neck breaking work with Grindstone – Memories from my Childhood

Dosa, Idli, Bajji, and you name it. Most of the Indian recipes need a variety of flours and batter. These days, we have these flours available in ready to cook packs in supermarkets and departmental stores. But in our childhood, some thirty years ago, we got to prepare the flours by ourselves. In olden towns …